Hurricane Reinvention Co., Ltd.

‘Hurricane Reinvention Co., Ltd.’ has been established since December 1996, or about 25 long years already. We have started from a car ignition cable business, which was popular and in need in the past, and we have produced and distributed the cables to meet the market supplies. However, up until the emergence of the automotive technology in Thailand, we decided to join hands with Germany and Japan to determinedly co-develop air filters that could be suitably utilized in every car in Asia. And that’s why we have received love and trust from everyone for 25 years.

We are also determined to develop Thai products to sufficiently become a part of international markets, to help decrease job vacancies in Thailand, and most importantly, to save the world. Also, we wouldn’t stop for a minute to initiate new innovations to keep up with this fast-spinning world. We aim to not only take care of small entrepreneurs, but also to produce and well-rounded develop air filters for every industry as we are mindful of everyone’s needs in creating a better world and to be ‘No.1 in the world’.