Silver Nano is a technology in synthesizing silver to become smaller in the level of nanometer, lower than 100 nanometers which equals to the size of DNA in humans. And with this minuscule size, it results in a surface area expansion, allowing it to contact more with bacteria.

Silver metal can break into a positive charge (Ag+) at the nano-particle level. The silver particles will then attach to the bacteria wall, and enter and bind to enzymes’ sulphate group which is in charge of burning oxygen and energies. It further results in enzyme burning becoming abnormal and bacteria killing in the end.

The qualities of LIFESCI SILVER NANO

99.99% germ-killing, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, over 500 types of germs, and also COVID-19.

Deodorize unpleasant odors directly from the cause.

Sprayable widely spread on all surfaces.

Alcohol-free. Can be promptly used without mixing.

Certified by many international researchers. Widely used among the medical industry.

Harmless to humans and animals.

LifeSCI is a product that can be used with all surfaces and locations. It can be mixed with clean water in the proportion of 1:1, and sprayed all over the buildings internally and externally.

LifeSCI can also be used along with various spraying equipment, such as nozzle sprayers, backpack sprayers, iron sprayers, or can be filled in a bottle to promptly spray without specialist supervision.

While spraying, dressing properly and having safety sets available are essential. It needs to be sprayed all over the preferred areas, and let it dry naturally without needing to clean or wipe out. LifeSCI will attach to such surfaces and will last about 7-14 days.

The product can also be used in spraying tunnels, in the forms of dizzles or iron, to help cover the human body. It can also be used by spraying, dripping, wiping, hand washing, or along with other equipment to further cattle.

LifeSCI Silver Nano processing principles

LifeSCI Silver Nano processing principles​

Bacteria cell wall contacted with LifeSCI Silver Nano

ภาพจากผลวิเคราะห์ TEM

From the particles analysis utilizing transmission electron microscopy (TEM), it can be found that the 100 ppm. silver nanoparticle disinfectant is in the size of 10-50 nm.

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