“ Washable and Increased horse power filter “ ​

Outstanding features of the synthetic fiber air filters

Horsepower enhancement up to 10-15%.

Fuel-saving. Cost-saving.

Good air flow.

Long usage duration for over 100,000 kilometers.

Washable and reusable.

Fine filtration up to 7 microns.
Get a boost up to 35 pounds.
Premium-quality net. Durability guaranteed.
Special natural rubber edges. High-resistant.

        Regular air filters, made from fiber paper that has a complex and overlapped fiber structure, are seemingly able to filter finely. However, after using for a while, they tend to be blocked, resulting in a poor air flow, fuel overconsumption, and also poor combustion. Therefore, Hurricane Air Filters are designed to be more durable and high-resistant, making from 100% high-quality synthetic fabric under the production technology from Japan. They are able to filter finely up to 7 microns, to provide excellent air flow and enough air for cars, to combust completely, and to enhance the acceleration, torque, and horsepower. And with the quality of easily-washable, the lifetime usage is further guaranteed.


Car engines don’t only need fuel to burn, but also oxygen as another part to complete the process. Air filters are made to protect the engines from dirt and dust that can be harmful to them.
Most air filters are made from paper or synthetic fiber that seem to perform preferably. However, the air flow rate seems to be lowered while using, and it also needs to be changed after a short while of using.
Therefore, Hurricane has designed our fabric air filters to be more unique and different, under the brand of Hurricane which includes…

Red-color, made from synthetic fiber, durable under aerodynamic principles, and good air flow provided.

Green-color, made from 100% Premium synthetic fiber, good air flow provided, and durable.

White-color,Premium synthetic fiber, high air boost, and good air flow provided.

Blue-color, made from 100% imported cotton, high air boost, and good air flow provided.


Original Filter

Hurricane Filter


Our Hurricane Air Filters are made from premium and high-quality synthetic fiber and under innovative technology certified by Japan. And with the production process certified by ISO 9001 standard, the filters are able to filter finely up to 7 microns. Also, they will help protect your car, and provide you a lifetime usage by being made from high-quality rubber edges.

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