Ignition สายหัวเทียน

Hurricane Premium Ignition wire

The product is certified by TUV Standard from Germany. We are distributing the spark plug wire innovation using nickel as an electricity conductor allowing the electricity to perfectly flow. This is simply because nickel has lower resistance than the regular copper wires as a conductor. And this Thunderbolt Spark Plug Wire is able to carry through a stronger electric charge about 5-10 times than before.

It further enhances the acceleration rate and the perfection of ignition without needing to change the wire or any accessories. And with the wire thickness of 9.9 mm., it will also help protect the wire from heat and the disturbance from magnet.

Strong, durable, and heat-resistant strengthened by silicone.

Excellent power delivery, 5-10 times stronger than regular wires.

Complete combustion. Acceleration, torque, and horsepower enhancement.

Fuel-saving, compared to the consumption per tank.

Lifetime usage. Made from high-quality ingredients. Battery lifetime extension.

Can be installed instead of the old wires without any engine modifications.