Company Profile

Year 1995

  • Established ‘PRO-ADVANCE (INTERNATIONAL) CO.’ with partners at THAI CC Tower Sathorn, and imported car accessories such as air compressor fins and spark plug wires under the brand of Hurricane.

Year 1998

  • Taken over by Mr. Satian Niamsakorn and restructured the company.

Year 2002

  • Was the first one to initiate ‘Replacement’ stainless air filters for cars utilizing the stainless-steel-weaving technology from Japan.
  • Constructed ‘PJ HURRICANE CO.’ production factory at Nakhon Pathom.
  • Started producing stainless steel and synthetic fabric air filters and sold them for the first time.

Year 2005

  • Constructed the new Headquarter office at Pinklao, Bangkok.

Year 2006

  • Changed the company name into ‘Hurricane Racing Co.’.

Year 2007

  • Registered goods production and petty patents.

Year 2011

  • Expanded the production lines to include ‘motorcycle air filters’.

Year 2013

  • Expanded the production lines to include ‘cabin air filters (air conditioner filters)’.

Year 2014

  • Established ‘PLUMAGE CO.’ to distribute products under the brands ‘FABRIX’ and ‘TRON’.

Year 2015

  • Invented high-quality spark plug wires for NGV gas vehicles and entered the installation project for BMTA vehicles.

Year 2016

  • Partnered with industrial sector–industrial machinery and petroleum related–such as SCG, MARIGOT, SCAN-INTER, and PTTGC.

Year 2017

  • Researched and invented washable air filters for HVAC air conditioning systems.

Year 2020

  • Invented washable ‘ANTI PM 2.5’ air filters for cars.
  • Was standardized by ‘ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED’.
  • Rebranded the logo of ‘Hurricane Reinvention’.